Mohegan Sun Community Service Award

CMGA received the Mohegan Sun's Community Service Award
for outreach at Channel 3 Kids Camp

Community Service Award

Community Service Award

In August 2009, Master Gardeners Jay Beausoleil and Bill Overton were proud to accept the Mohegan Sun's Community Service Award on behalf of CMGA. The award is given by the Mohegan Sun to special organizations whose members volunteer their time, in recognition of their services and as a way of thanking them for making a difference in their communities. Jay and Bill head up a team of Master Gardeners who have been involved with the Channel 3 Kids Camp since the summer of 2006. The MGs mentor the Camp's children as they grow vegetables and flowers - especially sunflowers - during their stay at the Camp.

The Camp was founded in 1910, and hosts approximately 750 children over its 8-week session (120 children each week for a 1-week session). The CMGA newsletter, The Laurel, has published Bill Overton's regular articles about the MG Team's work at the Camp.

To read Bill's reports and follow the children's progress over the years, click on these links to editions of The Laurel:

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