Speakers Bureau

As a certified Project Management Professional, Tracy has led several groups through site-wide audit and legal initiatives, where planning what participants were going to say, and saying it in a clear, understandable, accessible manner was critical. Professionally and through her involvement with Toastmasters, she has spoken successfully to audiences ranging from 6 to over 250 people. Tracy has been featured in several national publications, including Business Week, for her professional accomplishments.

The goal of CMGA’s Speakers Bureau is to develop a pool of speakers who are available to speak on a variety of topics in various arenas. A key component of the bureau is providing resources and support to make sure that your talk is a success. Templates, checklists, actual presentations, and other tools will be included here to help you become a confident and successful speaker. Please be patient while we build this capability...more tools will be added as we develop them. Schedule speakers through your local Extension Office.
Click Here for a copy of "The Laurel" article discussing the Speakers Bureau in more detail.

"Presenting 101" Presentation Skills Class NO CLASSES CURRENTLY SCHEDULED

Has this happened to you?
• You’ve been asked to give a talk at your local garden club, but you don’t know where to begin
• You just pulled your first all-nighter since college putting together a talk that you thought would only take a couple of hours
• Your town’s government wants to know what your credentials are before they donate space for the new community garden – at the next town council meeting
• Your local librarian wants you to give a talk at the library, but he’d like to have a selection of topics to choose from – with photos
• You didn’t have any handouts because you’re not comfortable with Power Point – what else can you do
• You went way over the allotted time
Whether your talk is 20 minutes or 3 hours, having a guide to help you before, during and after a talk will save you time, money and aggravation – and will let you focus on the good stuff – the gardening! Join AMG and Master Composter Tracy Burrell as she introduces you to five MGs and how they were able to use the guidelines, tips and checklists she developed to help them reach their individual goals.

You will receive:
• A copy of the presentation with the tips, tricks and ideas outlined
• A detailed checklist of items to do before, during and after your presentation
• A sampling of slides from actual presentations Tracy has given that you can use as templates for your own presentations
• Additional samples/handouts


Giving a Garden Tour

Have an "Elevator Speech" Handy

Imagine you’re in an elevator with Bill Gates and he says “I have $100 million dollars that I’d like to donate today…what program could I give it to? I have 30 minutes before my next meeting. Are there any other folks I can talk to?” He spies your Master Gardener badge and then asks you those dreaded words “Tell me a little about yourself.” You realize that if he likes what he hears, those 30 minutes are yours. The elevator doors are opening in 30 seconds. What do you say? CLICK HERE

Here are a few tips for becoming a better docent. CLICK HERE