Comments about the first 3 classes in New London:

-I got a lot of very good practical information. Laurie

-Thanks for fun and informative class. I will use the information to improve my presentations greatly. It is one of the items I had listed as part of my plan for five years. Wayne

-Thanks much Tracy, you were very organized and gave us lots of good information. I enjoyed the seminar! Robin

-I could not believe my eyes Thurs afternoon when you delivered--as promised--all of the follow-up info to our class that very morning. Great info, thanks so much! Thanks for an enjoyable and informative presentation. You are a perfect example of practicing what you preach. Wendy

CMGA Speakers Bureau announces free classes ---"Presenting 101"

"Presenting 101" Classes

Has this happened to you?
• You’ve been asked to give a talk at your local garden club, but you don’t know where to begin
• You just pulled your first all-nighter since college putting together a talk that you thought would only take a couple of hours
• Your town’s government wants to know what your credentials are before they donate space for the new community garden – at the next town council meeting
• Your local librarian wants you to give a talk at the library, but he’d like to have a selection of topics to choose from – with photos
• You didn’t have any handouts because you’re not comfortable with Power Point – what else can you do
• You went way over the allotted time
Whether your talk is 20 minutes or 3 hours, having a guide to help you before, during and after a talk will save you time, money and aggravation – and will let you focus on the good stuff – the gardening! Join AMG and Master Composter Tracy Burrell as she introduces you to four MGs and how they were able to use the guidelines, tips and checklists she developed to help them reach their individual goals. As a certified Project Management Professional, Tracy has led several groups through site-wide audit and legal initiatives, where planning what participants were going to say, and saying it in a clear, understandable, accessible manner was critical. Professionally and through her involvement with Toastmasters, she has spoken successfully to audiences ranging from 6 to over 250 people. Classes have been held previously held in NL, NH and Fairfield counties.

More Feedback:

-Thank you for a great presentation. I particularly appreciated your sense of humor. Ganga

-Your class was terrific! You put my mind at ease re power point and got me thinking about classes I might enjoy offering. You offered us many different "entry points" to giving garden talks, useful general content to include in any talk, glitches to avoid, and how to plan for a professional talk. Trish

-This is great information. I got a lot out of your class -you presented the information very well and covered everything so thoroughly. I feel much more confident about giving a presentation now that I understand how to do it well. Martha

-I took your wonderful, timely, action-packed 'Presenting 101' class on March 24. Following your guidelines, I presented a class on Spring gardening tips this past Wednesday that was well-received by 20+ people. Thank you so much! Nancy

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