Tolland County: Native Gardens Planting Days

by Ellen Bender, MG Class of 2010

HFG ready set plant

ABOVE: The group gets ready to plant natives in the "sunny" site .

We had the perfect planting weather during our two days in July. Our native plants lived up to their reputation and settled quickly into their new home. The cut-back goldenrod began putting out new growth, the trimmed Echinacea started new flower buds, the asters began to get some foliage on their leggy stalks, and everyone else seemed to thrive in their new habitat.

After three weeks of growth, we held another workday to weed, complete the pathway with woodchips, and complete our plantings. We added our final shrub selection, after finally locating a preferred variety and put in extra Rudbeckia to provide the yellow color-flow we were going to miss this year because of the cutback goldenrod.

The highlight of this workday was opening our new plant markers and labeling our plant populations. Designed and commissioned by MG Intern Bruce Lester, these elegant permanent markers were generously donated by Quality Name Plate, Inc. of Glastonbury. Featuring the Latin name for correct identification, and the common name for general recognition, our native plants are now identified for public perusal and edification.

IHFG Tues Shade Crew

The "shady site" crew tackles the job.

HFG  Shade finished view

And this is the "dry, shady" site to be planted:

 The shady site, planted and labeled.

HFG  Sun labels