MG Outreach Projects -2005

Community Garden, Meriden

A sign facing the street identifies this as the Beat the Street Community Garden and lists the people and organizations who helped make this project a reality, including members of the Middlesex County MG Class of 2005. Members of Beat the Street, a non-profit organization that operates fitness programs for over 600 inner city children, worked with the MG's to get the flowers, herbs, and vegetables planted, and they have managed much of the maintenance themselves.

Bauer Park Butterfly Garden, Madison

After researching butterflies in the area and the plants needed to attract them, we began garden design and site location. The Rec Department and Bauer Park Committee gave their approval at the March meeting and we broke ground soon thereafter. By August, we'd seen two Eastern Tiger Swallowtails, one Black Swallowtail, and one Monarch. We also had Monarch caterpillars on the native milkweed!

Bush-Holley House, Greenwich

The Bush-Holley House in now a National Historic Landmark and home to the Greenwich Historical Society. Around the turn of the 20th century, a large vegetable garden on the property supplied the colony with fresh produce. Master Gardener Interns worked on a slightly smaller recreation, using many of the heirloom plant varieties that would have grown in the original garden, and invited children from the Bush-Holley summer camp program to enjoy the project.