CMGA Annual Mtg 2011011

ABOVE, Ellen Morse, Enid Sherman and Bob Sherman received Lifetime Awards at the Nov 3, 2012 Annual Meeting. Bob recalled the first meeting of CMGA held in Haddam 25 years ago. We are sad to report that Bob Sherman passed away Oct 6, 2014 at age 90.


Paul Grimmeisen (left) received the award in 2013 at the ninth annual Summer Safari (which he created and has chaired since inception). John Carlson (right) received the award at the 2014 Annual Meeting and Billy Baxter (far right) received the award at the 2015 Symposium. All 3 gentlemen have served on the Board for many years and have been active volunteering in the MG Program and chaired many committees as well as serving as Officers.

IMG_2783 (2)

A special moment at the 2015 Annual meeting was awarding Lifetime Membership to Marge Bingham (right). Marge has secured speakers for the Symposium for over decade, tirelessly traveling countless miles to do so, and we expect her to keep going for countless miles more.