CMGA Grants -- Online Application

See Grants and Scholarships page and Current Guidelines for information reguarding our Grant process.

1. Fill out the form.
Please tab over the fields to complete this FORM online. ALL FIELDS must be filled in.
Click here for instructions if the GRANT APPLICATION form is not displaying on your computer

2 Hit SEND at the bottom of the form for your grant to be processed.

3. Email supporting documentation to the Grants committee by clicking here

You will receive e-mail confirmation that your application is being processed.

Please remember:

1. Grants must be requested BEFORE a project is undertaken; grant requests for completed projects will not be considered.

2. Grant Applications must be received two
weeks prior to the monthly Board meeting (held the 1st Tuesday of each month) for consideration at that meeting.

3. If you are interning, written or email approval of your MG coordinator must be sent in as well (mail or have her email it; see guidelines for contact details).