Your Tax Deductible Donations to CMGA

CMGA is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization.

As the alumni organization for the CT Master Gardener program, our purpose and mission are:

The purpose of CMGA is:

  • to provide means by which graduates of the Extension Master Gardener Program may:
  • Extend their knowledge of, and interest in, gardening and related topics.
  • Meet and associate with others who have similar interests.
  • Share their knowledge and expertise, and offer help and assistance to the public through gardening and horticulture programs.

    • Mission
      • To support the horticultural activities of Master Gardeners and Interns in providing educational outreach to the residents of Connecticut.
      • To support the UConn Extension Master Gardener Programs and projects.
      • To foster communication, education, and esprit de corps among Master Gardeners.
      • To engage in activities that further the purposes of the Association as defined above.

The CMGA Board of Directors continue to operate to keep our dues reasonable and affordable. Our annual Symposium is our association’s major fundraising event and we feel strongly to continue to offer a discount admission to CMGA members and their guests as a benefit to our members.

This means that, with increasing costs, we are stretched to provide the MG Outreach Grants and scholarships monies to the UConn MG Program we are committed to delivering. CMGA MG Outreach Grants benefit numerous MG projects around the State, and scholarships provide funding for each UConn MG class location with enrollees in need each year.

In 2017, we awarded over $6,000 in CMGA MG Outreach grants to MG and MG Intern projects, $ 6,750 in grants to the UConn Extension MG County Offices, and $ 6,000 in scholarships to UConn Extension Master Gardener program for enrolled MG students.

CMGA receipt of additional monetary donations either with your annual membership renewal or through your Employer’s Matching Grant Programs or Employer’s Volunteer Grants (if you donate time to the CMGA organization) are other ways to help support all of these important CMGA programs! All donations are tax deductible.

Make your tax deductible contribution using Paypal DONATE button on this web page, or send it to us at:
PO Box 1842
Manchester, CT 06045

Please remember...if your company has a matching gift program (both active employees and retirees are often eligible) or Volunteer Grant program, remember to submit a record of your CMGA donation to your employer by their stated deadline.

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