CMGA Committees

Are you interested in participating in one of our Committees? Most are open to all our members. Contact the Committee Chair (click in the listed name to send an email) for more information or to express your interest.


This committee directs all programs, stand alone or in concert with another event, except the Symposium, which is produced by the Symposium Committee. Examples include programs associated with the annual and semi-annual meetings, and Association-sponsored tours. Program recommendations are submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.


Administers the awarding of monetary assistance to Master Gardeners and Master Gardener Interns for projects promoting horticultural knowledge and serving community needs with garden based activities.Recommendations are submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. Contact: Pat Taylor

Certain Board Members also serve on the following ad hoc committees:


Consist of not less than three members, none of whom shall be on the Executive Board, who shall be appointed by the President at least four weeks before the annual meeting. Examines the Treasurer’s accounts of the fiscal year and submits a signed, written report at the annual meeting. Contact:

Appointed by the President with Board of Directors’ approval at least two months prior to the annual meeting election. Nominates directors and officers.


Responsible for the printing and distribution of The Laurel (contact: Alicia Cornelio ) and for maintenance of the CMGA Web site (contact: Vicky Ambrosey ).