MG Outreach Projects

What are MG Outreach Projects?

As part of their certification, Master Gardener Interns are required to complete 30 hours' work on an approved project or projects that will complement the lecture portion of the MG class and expand on the Interns' knowledge and skills. Certified Master Gardeners working towards their Advanced MG certification also fulfil their outreach commitments by undertaking projects, and mentoring MG Interns.

CMGA grants funding assistance towards MG outreach projects, on application by project leaders. More on Project Funding. 

Master Gardeners and MG Interns are energetic and dedicated volunteers, giving freely of their time, knowledge and gardening expertise.

They are encouraged to take the lead in outreach projects, as educational opportunities to the public and for the benefit and enhancement of their local communities.

A few of these wonderful outreach projects are featured on the following pages. Have a look and be inspired!