Bethel - 7th Annual Gardening Fair 2009

Fran Litwin leads Perennials walk

Pictured above: MG Fran Litwin leads visitors at the Fair on a tour of the perennial beds at the Fairfield Extension Center.

Below: Young questioners at the MG Information Booth

7th Annual Gardening Fair, Bethel

Over 60 Master Gardeners from Fairfield, New Haven, and Litchfield County participated in the 7th Annual Garden Fair in Bethel on August 15th.

Volunteers staffed 15 different information booths and displays including carnivorous plants, ferns, vegetables, turf, invasive plants, and low toxic gardening options. Attendees were able to peruse the displays, ask gardening questions, and even bring plant samples for diagnosis.

Over 50 free soil tests with recommendations were given to clients. Despite the grueling heat, clients and volunteers enjoyed the day and the gardening presentations. Free classes on Designing Troughs and Containers, Native Plants, Water in the Garden, and Designing with Shrubs, along with a guided tour of the perennial gardens were filled to capacity with enthusiastic attendees.

Many attendees commented on evaluations that as a result of the Fair, they would plant more natives, use less toxic pesticides, and use lower maintenance turf grass!

Area garden centers donated numerous perennials for a free plant raffle that was the culmination of a wonderful day and a highly rewarding community outreach!

CMGA was a sponsor of the Bethel Gardening Fair.

Report by Sandi Wilson, MG Class Coordinator, Bethel

Qs at the MG Info booth cropped