Asian Longhorned Beetle

Asian Longhorned Beetle

Photo: Donald Duerr - USDA, Forest Service

Message from UConn: The recent news that the Asian Longhorned Beetle has been found in Boston just across from the Arnold Arboretum brings us more sobering environmental news.

This is a local environmental crisis; you can take an active role to help prevent its proliferation. Here are some resources:


The invasive Asian Longhorned Beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis) poses a serious threat to our New England trees. The insect has already caused extensive damage to trees in New York, Illinois, New Jersey, and Worcester, Mass. It was recently reported in Boston (July 2010).

To learn more, click on this link to the UConn Home & Garden Education Center Fact Sheet. 

The January 2009 edition of NPDN First Detector Network News gives the latest update on this threat.

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