CMGA Annual Membership Meeting: December 6, 2008

The CMGA Annual Membership Meeting was held on Saturday, December 6, 2008 at The Pond House in Elizabeth Park, West Hartford, and was attended by some 50 members of the association and their guests (some of whom are pictured at right).

As with any get-together of master gardeners, the atmosphere at the pre-meeting Continental breakfast was noisy and convivial. This was the ideal time to catch up with old friends and new, to make important contacts about planned outreach projects, to share information, to stock up on CMGA logo items, to renew annual CMGA memberships.

Immediately following the meeting, guest speaker and Master Gardener Deborah Kent gave a wonderful talk about her landscaping experiences and adventures, with a presentation entitled "Creating Mixed Borders using Multi-Season Plants". Deborah illustrated the do's and the dont's of garden design with quick glimpses of evocative, colorful photos - enough to get every Master Gardener there to start rethinking their own gardens and planning new and wonderful garden projects next year. Information: Deborah Kent

2008 December meeting 3B

CMGA President Billy Baxter called the meeting to order. CMGA Treasurer Sandy Myhalik provided a brief financial report, and a budget for the upcoming year. Reports were presented to the meeting on the status of the CMGA newsletter, The Laurel, on this website, on membership numbers and on plans for the 2009 CMGA March Symposium. There was some lively discussion from the floor on all of these points, an indication of just how involved and concerned CMGA members are about their alumni association and the MG Program in general.

A new slate of officers was presented at the meeting, and was approved. As of January 1, 2009, the new officers will be: Sandy Myhalik - President; John Carlson - Vice-President (unchanged); Barbara Mitchell - Treasurer; Fran Maynard - Secretary.